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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Free netcast for software entrepreneurs

National Unitversity of Singapore has been trying very hard to promote entrepreneurship in Singapore. Below is some of the netcast related on software entrepreneurs(Note: Effective Internet connection speed of 400k bps and above is required for optimimal viewing experience):

International online software marketing anecdote #1

  • Cost consideration is more important for Asian users than for European users. European users also emphasize convenience even the cost of product or service is slightly higher. Therefore software as service is more appealing to European users.

  • Adsense revenue from Asian online surfers is mainly related to technology/gadgets, property, online marketing/multi-level marketing. In other niche areas, Adsense publishers are better served to concentrate on non-Asian online surfers.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Gold in monitoring online traffic

For those who are struggling in online businesses, finding a profitable niche is often a huge task. Instead of asking people what they want or assume what you need is also marketable to the world because Internet is so huge, why not follow online traffic(a.k.a follow the money trail)? For newbies in online marketing, the questions is how? Some visit lots of websites, blogs and forums. This method may work but it is very slow. An easier way is to let search engines do the traffic monitoring for you. Interested? Read this article on, a technology blog written by an East Malaysian.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Learning basic tactics of Internet marketing in one month

We know Internet is great. Internet is the largest library ever. However to learn something useful, you may need to visit a lot of websites. Well, sometimes some nice folks will create a comprehensive article directory for beginners for the subject. The Best Warrior Threads is one of them. If you want to know whether a product is saleable and how to reach the target market, learn(not read) from all the articles in the website for one month. I learn more about Internet marketing from this website than what I have learnt on the subject for past two years.