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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ways to find online business ideas

Besides monitoring online traffic to uncover profitable ideas, below is other ways to generate online business ideas:

  • Business Opportunities Weblog is a blog for business opportunities and ideas in US. Even though it is for US residents and is not specific for online businesses, you still can adopt and modify the ideas presented.
  • Visit forums and blogs for your targeted areas. For example, if you are interested to provide solutions in creating websites, you may visit website creation forum of StartupNation. You should pay attention to problems, requests, wishes expressed by the posters.
  • Visit government's small business website. An example is Small Business BC, a website funded by British Columbia government(Canada). It also publishes a guide on business opportunities, Exploring Business Opportunities Guide
  • Visit websites that give exposures to startups, e.g., TechCrunch/

By the way, if you want to send help-wanted post to any forum, to increase your chance of getting helpful replies, contribute first and let other members to get to know you.


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