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Thursday, November 01, 2007

A lucky one

Below is my speech to introduce myself in one of the meetings of Bangsar Toastmasters club at Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Good evening, fellow Toastmasters. A lot of people know my name is Wan. Do you know I am a lucky one. Between 1998 and 2001, I was given opportunities to work and explore five cities in four years. I have been to Singapore, Sydney, San Diego(Southern California), San Francisco(Northern California), New York metro. In 2001, I was a programmer for an online brokerage firm. In the first few month, I worked in Manhattan office at 50 Broad Street(next to New York Stock Exchange). Each day I took PATH train(simlar to KTM Komuter) from one of the Jersey City stations(Journal Square) to World Trade Center. Before September 2001, my company asked me to work in the new waterfront office at Jersey City(70 Hudson St). The new office is much bigger than the old one. It has big glass walls. We can see buildings of west side of lower Manhattan including World Trade Center. On 11th September 2001, I was in office around 8:30am. Before 9am, I was asked by my colleage to witness the first plane crash. It was unreal. In the background was the chatter of CNBC business program. Over Hudson River, directly in front of our building, is the huge explosion caused by the plane crash. We couldn't hear the loud noise because the office is sound-proof. It was like watching one of Bruce Willis's action movie in the front-seat of a wide screen cinema. I think you know what happened the rest of that day. That is why I am a lucky one.

Map of Jersey city(70 Hudson St) and lower Manhattan(50 Broad St)

While, thiat is not my first lucky incident. I have attended a primary school in Ipoh, Perak. My school and my home in Ipoh is separated by a small road. In one rainy day, on the way back home from school on foot, I was waiting on side of the small road before crossing. My glasses were blur because of heavy rain . Having looked left and right, I decided to cross the road. Suddenly I felt something knocked me from the side. For a split second, I felt that I was off the ground and then my back landed on the road. I was still conscious. So I sat up. After wiped my glasses with my fingers, I found there was a car about two meters away. I realised that I was knocked by a car. Since I was not harmed, so I got up and tried to continue my journey.

Based on these two incidents, I am sure you agree that I am a lucky one. I am lucky to be alive to enjoy my expresso. I still remember my first taste of expresso. In one cold day during fall season, my friends and I visited Yosemite Park in Northern California. The park is big. The size of the park is around 1/3 of the size of Selangaor state, Malaysia. Aftering walking around valley of the park for more than five hours, we were exhausted. So we visted the cafe. Being a 'food critic', I was thinking hard what should I have while waiting patiently in the queue. The first few drinks are either soft drink or fruit juice. I told myself I am not going to have 'normal' drink. Then I saw the drink "double espresso". That is interesting. At that time, I had not tried double espresso. So double espresso is the drink for me. When the waitress handed me a small cup with height of less than two inches, I was shocked. For the price of more than USD 2, the double espresso is too expensive for me. A normal cup of soft drink at that time is around one USD. I thought it was a mistake. Anyway I was thirsty. So I took a sip. My first taste is it was thick, strong and a little bit bitter. Then the flavor of expresso 'exploited' in my mouth. Wow! It was good. It was smooth. The best part is after a few minutes, I felt 'energertic'. I could hike to the top of a mountain. Later I found out the coffee bean used is a full body type. Do you know how is the taste of full body? If you have not experienced the taste of full body, invite me for a cup of gourmet coffee :)

In short, I am lucky because I avoid 9-11 incident, survive a car accident and am alive to enjoy espresso. Above all, I am lucky to have your attention for the past few minutes. Thanks.


At 1:26 AM, Blogger BANGSAR TM Club said...

Thank you for the post.
You have elevated BANGSAR TM Club!

That was a great speech, and all of us enjoyed listening to your lucky escapes...

I am sure all attendees also enjoyed your second speech this evening...

Glad to have you in BANGSAR TM Club!

Chartered President/VPPR
2007 11 20

At 8:29 AM, Blogger Encik Wan said...

Lucky, thanks for the encouragement. I certainly learn a lot from you guys.


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